Rabbit’s Diary

I forgot how it is to have animals in the house. Trouble – much trouble. 🙂

Our two sweet rabbits are kind of crazy. We had several escapes in the last week- now the new home for them is finally ready and seems to be secure. (I really needed to screw into the floor to fix the fence on it – and I am an not speaking of the yard but of the children’s room.

The next big adventure now that the rabbits like their new stall and stay in – is just beginning. The rabbit-lady seems to be totally crazy, Haunting and biting  her rabbit-husband. They are chasing each other around. And she is – building a nest. Ooops. So there are now two possiblities I learned. She is fake-pregnant or pregnant. Aaaahhhh. Fake-pregnancy looks exactly the same as pregnancy  and it is quite familiar – itĹ› normal and okay and that would be the reason why she behaves so agressivly.

The thing is we bought the rabbit man from a couple that advertised at ebay marketplace. They said he is sterizlized (and they said they got the rabbit from a friend). And so it would be a fake pregnancy. The problem is, I do not totally trust that folks hat this is really the truth. I believe that he is sterilized but I am not 100% sure about it. But you know what? In a few days we know for sure.

And although rabbitbabies are so mega cute, we not really want some 🙂 So wish us luck, I keep you updated 🙂

So at least, it’s an adventure. And my daughter loves to see zoo  docu-soaps (which are very popular here) So in the moment like do our own zoo soap


Show Jumping


Mixed Media Collage with drawing by N. (6)

Olympia 2012 in London Fantasia

“Her Majesty, majesties, royal highnesses, may the games begin”

We are watching Olympia and so Olympia has moved to the Children´s room. After the grand opening show, my girl dressed up as a princess (she was deeply impressed by all these royalties) and opened her games.

Here the athlets march in:

And first sport activities took place like the famous climbing the wardrobe by the weesel and his challenger.

And then – in the next version of Olympia a few hours later I saw the best opening show ever. And especially better then this year´s opening show that I didn´t like. How can anybody celebrate pictures (and stories/ history) of ruining the green land and setting up modern slavery, children´s work, exploitation, pollution – it was like watching someone celebrating a nightmare. And the rest was not really better although there were good looking and funny moments. But honestly why should I be interested in joining celebrating a national health system (which is not the best I have ever heard of) at Olympia? Yes, we liked seeing Mary Poppins, and Mr. Bean and we really enjoied the clip with the Queen. And the best was the cycling “doves” and certainly the fire. But I couldn´t dislike the chosen topics more. But it all was compensated with watching this magic opening show of Olympics 2012 in Fantasia:

First there was a wonderful horse dressage, thoughtfully performed by four hourses.
Then 12 unicorns entered the stadium and performed.
It culminated in the gathering unicorns that together lit the Olympic Flame (with their corns) associated by a dragon.

The Audience was as constantly changing from ecstatic to silent admire.

Afterwards a horse brought in the Olympic Rings (which descendet from the royal castle):

And then this horse guided in the Royal Couple to formally begin the games.

I really enjoyed. (And I silently hoped her love to royalties will vanish soon again *G)
My conclusion? Hopefully the next Olympic Host will be inspired by the childrens´ ideas. Or why not let the children plan the show? I bet I´d love it.

Summer? Not really – but Rabbits

I wanted to share impressions and stories about the summer that finally came – we had real summer temperature and weather this week. And then yesterday the cold came back.

So instead of playing in the garden we are sitting inside – my big girl is playing at my side with her bricks (!) and her favourite stuffed animals.
And on my left our two rabbits enjoy their bad-weather-and-winter domicil. They have been living with us for about four weeks now. And the most time they spend on our balcony which has become rabbitland – but the rain became so heavy that we had to move them in.

We have to move a lot of furniture next week to make it comfortable and tidy for rabbits and humans – we will redesign the whole child’s room.

Fortunatly its much sweeter and relaxed to play beside the rabbits than I initially thought.
I have learned for the next time to think it through more in depth when the child asks for a pet. I really thought rabbits were more easy and did not know the space and care they need. I read after I agreed to having rabbits all about them – definitly it should be the other way round. I would have said no then – but so we really have fun (and excitement) with the bunnies.

Colorful Summer


Mama Watta calls again. So much to write and experience about water. I started two weeks ago and no end in sight, but as I don´t have much spare time in the moment I am not sure how long it takes until I have poured out (in two languages) everything of my heart that wants to be said about WATER and Mama Watta. I could blog for years about it.

Fashion and Fun

My little girl found out that its fun to dress and style women. That s new for us. And three days ago I had no idea about online games for girls to style actors. Her father did find them and allowed them. I tried to keep computer playing at zero but okay she is six now and old enough to be at the computer. Another thing that changes with being at school (or at least at school age).

So right now she sits with her second-best friend (who will move to a city, six hours away *sigh) and they discuss how to best style them. Too sweet.
This? Oh no (both) – Take the other. This. Yes.
I am enjoying how they enjoy their game. And that stonishes me. Because normally or at least till now – I easily become uncomfortable with very sterotyped girly-girlish games.
I think I reckognized she grew. She is now six. She is sure of herself. She is wild, she is unique and she doesnt say what the others what to hear. She is respected by the others who like that she is that way. She is confident (most of the time). And so I think much of my job is done so far and its no risk that she gets a glittery stereotyped girl. And if she becomes like that its now her own choice I am sure and not just following her peers or some gender-impact. And I know she will stay who she is.
So I am confident too.
She said she wants Barbie-Dolls for Christmas. 🙂 If this means, I can put away the Dinos?
Maybe not. Now she started to style the model as a vampire.
I love age six. Its the best age ever.

My Heart sings

I am so excited – my heart sings so loud. I am soin love with the beautiful beautiful beautiful miracles today. And especially one. I cant stop smiling.

I wanted to make some Holundersirup – elder sirup. And collected some blooms – not having much time and not thinking much of it. Just like a task – because I decided that I really want some selfmade sirup.

And then when I dropped them in water. I saw it.

All these so incredible perfect little star blooms. They are so tiny and so beautiful.

I can´t get enough of looking of them. Kind of soaking it in.

So I am really crazy today about the beauty of these little elder flowers. It feels GOOOOD.

And now what? They are soo small they are really tricky to photograph and hard to scan (tell you, I tried *G)


The Dragon Birthday Party

Here are some impressions from the party.   It was way more stress to prepare and host the party then I thought. We were just ready (with working all day) when the guests arrived. The kids really loved our treasure hunt (which was huge). And they really loved the party. Although the Dad and I (we are working together for these kind of events) think really much went wrong. We couldn´t follow our plan :). It was too cold outside, the games I wanted to do, did not happen, it was chaotic and overcrowded inside – so we went out again and made some new games up out of the blue.
I never had imagined what it is to have eight children (all age 5-7) as guests.
All 4 involved adults were totally exhausted in the evening. 🙂 If the grandparents didn´t come to help us, we had probably not had dinner.

So even if it was a little misorganized by us (probably seen from an perfectionist view) it was a big success. And now I know why I had only one big birthday party in my childhood. But we will carry on to offer parties.

This is in the kitchen at the birthday table – it reads “best wishes”

Details from the table.


The treasure hunt:


Fighting a fire dragon with water balloons.



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